The Truly Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I have a Mrs. Maisel mug for around a year now. It was a gift from a friend when he got it as a swag in some event. I was never curious about the show and never even made an small amount of effort to do a search to see what the show was about.

Not until recently. I fell in love with the show immediately, well, mostly Mrs. Maisel. She is a truly marvelous modern women. Okay okay I know it was very cowardly of he to send a “Dear John” letter to our gorgeous Benjamin but it also shows that she is not a gold digger or only cares about looks which should add extra points for her.

Nowadays a lot of shows present women characters without any flaws and are basically perfect. All male characters in the show love her to death, from CEOs to janitors. They don’t reflect any realities by promoting Mary Sue characters to our society and it also causes aesthetic fatigue. What we want to see is real, relatable, personalized characters that represent us in some ways, not people who unconditionally forgive and even make friends with someone that killed their whole family or girls who cannot do anything themselves but have to stay in a tower waiting to be freed by a prince.

Mrs. Maisel takes care of her looks. She measures herself anywhere she can from waist to ankles every single day. She kept the same size as she got married four years ago, after giving birth to two children. Not to say it is good to be obsessed with one’s own physical appearance, but to say that she has marvelous self-control. She also has a passion for fashion and makeup. She has great taste in clothes, handbags and she does not hold back to give others advice when asked.

Mrs. Maisel doesn’t discriminate people based on their income classes. Born in a rich family whose father is a reputed math professor at Columbia University, living in a huge luxurious apartment in UWS, buying Chanel without a frown, she belongs to the well defined “upper class”. But she didn’t look down on the dirty people at the small pub in the dark back alley. She made friends with Susie even after she discovered that Susie lived in a tiny apartment where bed had to be folded to avoid blocking the opening of the door. She suggested that Susie lived with her in her fancy apartment when her parents were away in Paris. She still liked Susie finding out Susie in her bathtub using a whole bottle of bubble bath. She can eat gracefully in an expensive UES restaurant, and she can also eat at a cheap street food booth.

After Mrs. Maisel broke up with Joel, she wanted to have a job. She happily applied to a job as sales girl at the make up counter. She always dressed well, treated other girls with respect and kindness, actively helping them hosting gatherings. Even when she was treated unfairly by her manager to work in the coat closet, she was always smiling and full of delight.

Mrs. Maisel is optimistic facing difficulties. Sophie Lennon moved her slot to the end of the telethon show at 11:55pm when no one was watching as an act of revenge. When Mrs. Maisel found out about it, her first sentence was

Her first reaction was to fight this bad situation but when she realized that it was not possible, she turned it into a joke to comfort Susie.

After a long wait it was finally her turn on the show, Mrs. Maisel cleverly used the bad situation that no one was watching to her advantage by answering the calls herself and using them as materials.

And she also managed to meet Shy in ladies room and had a pleasant small talk with him. That lead to their tour together in the next whole season. So it is safe to say Sophie Lennon actually gave Mrs. Maisel a good opportunity by moving her slot! But in fact it is Mrs. Maisel’s marvelous courage and optimism gave her the opportunity.

Mrs. Maisel is a giver when it comes to romantic relationships. She was a perfect wife, always carrying a notebook to write any funny things she heard so Joel can use them in his stand up comedy shows. She supported Joel although she didn’t think Joel could be successful as a comedian. She even brought home made brisket to the pub where Joel was going to perform! Even after Joel cheated on her and left her for his secretary in the middle of night, blaming her for his own failure at the comedy show, she was still calm and kind to him. She never showed any sadness, tears, neediness, helplessness in front of people, which in my definition is the true independence and feminism.

Mrs. Maisel is simple, straight forward with high emotional intelligence. It is a rare quality in women who are career oriented, giving, and independent. She has the right amount of straight forwardness that doesn’t annoy people. Among a room full of million-dollar paintings from prestigious artists, she picked a $25 piece in the back room where no one went. Her reason was she just simply liked how the painting made her feel, and it came with a hat! When she was at the pub with Benjamin, she wasn’t afraid to come up to Benjamin’s favorite artist who was famous for bad temper to tell him Benjamin was a big fan. And she didn’t hesitate to leave Benjamin after the engagement proposal even he was rich and lived in a four-floor mansion with a backyard in Manhattan while her parents were about to lose their apartment and she was going to be broke.

Last but not the least, she is energetic. She lights up the room. She is funny, confident and delightful. And I am buying a tomorrow.

the only one time’s drunk Mrs. Maisel

The competitive Mrs. Maisel

The story telling Mrs. Maisel

The excited Mrs. Maisel

The hard working Mrs. Maisel as a phone girl

And my personal favorite Mrs. Maisel

Never grown up, but never stop growing.